How do you define value?

At Patriot Benefit Solutions we think the answer to this question depends upon the unique circumstances and needs of your organization. Our people are focused on delivering the best possible outcome for our customers. To that end we rely on  a 4 stage process complemented by our value-enriched services and delivered by a dedicated team of professionals.

Listen, Think, Build and Act. Following these four steps assures that our benefit recommendations are properly aligned with your organizations objectives. Each stage is supported with timely and appropriate use of our value-enriched services and our people, ensuring these elements combine to produce value for our customers.


  2. THINK

  3. BUILD

  4. ACT

Listen:  Every client deserves their own unique solution. Producing good results means fully understanding an organization, including its benefit objectives and priorities. We listen to every customer, all the time. 

Think:  Reaching your goals begins with a firm plan. We combine situational facts with our knowledge and experience, resulting in a foundation for effective benefit recommendations.

Build: We fit your needs with the right products, funding, plan design, and vendors. To take the headaches out of this process, we provide clear analysis and information to facilitate your decisions.

Act:  We invest heavily in our staffing and service capabilities, allowing us to offer unparalleled support for your needs, including implementing or maintaining a benefit program. Bottom line? Patriot Benefit Solutions focuses on making your benefit programs work for you.